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Worried about mold in your crawl space?

We’re the mold remediation professionals you need to handle your mold problem correctly. Unfortunately, mold will continue to spread if not removed properly and moisture removed from its environment. Trust GreenFrog LLC's pros to tackle mold removal with added antimicrobial treatment.

Mold remediation in progress

Mold remediation is important for your Dayton home

For your Dayton residence, tackling mold is a must. Mold growth can undermine structures, harm air quality, and worsen existing foundation issues. Make mold remediation your top priority if you have mold growth in your home or crawl space.

IICRC Certified Rhea County professionals

Our professionals at GreenFrog LLC have taken steps to earn this certification and carry the expertise required to tackle complex restoration jobs in harsh environments such as mold removal and cleanup. 

Mold prevention strategies

Effective mold prevention hinges on diligent moisture management. This applies to inside your home as well as your crawl space or basement. Regularly inspect and address any leaks, ensuring prompt repairs to plumbing or roofing issues. Maintain proper ventilation in high-humidity areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Install dehumidifiers in damp spaces and crawl spaces to reduce moisture levels. Basements almost always benefit from a dehumidifier in place, finished or not. 

We can install a low-maintenance dehumidifier in your basement or crawl space

By installing a low-maintenance dehumidifier, such as Aprilaire or Santa Fe brand, you can bid farewell to humidity issues once and for all. What sets these dehumidifiers apart is their superior performance and efficiency, and their low-maintenance design. Unlike traditional dehumidifiers that require regular emptying of water buckets or complex filter replacements, these models come equipped with convenient features like automatic drainage systems and washable filters.

Antimicrobial treatment for mold

If you've ever dealt with mold in your home, you know just how stubborn and tenacious it can be. It not only poses a threat to your property but also to your health. Our pros at GreenFrog LLC use an EPA registered antimicrobial proven to get rid of mold and offers prevention as part of our effective mold remediation process. 

Crawl space encapsulation

Dayton, TN homes that have encapsulated crawl spaces offer an attractive feature when it comes time to buy or sell. More and more homeowners are choosing this waterproofing protection as a great investment. Call our team today at 423-717-0990 to learn more.


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